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I have the pleasure to introduce our beloved Murshid Kibla Hazrat Maulana Dr. A.F.M Abu Bakar Siddique (MZA) an eminent scholar, writer, Ole-E-Barhaque, Kamel-E-Murshid-I-Mukammal, Pir-E-kamel “Khas Mujaddadia Tarika”; Ex-Chairman, and Professor, Department of Arabic, Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh also the founder and the organizer of “Mujaddadia Complex”. Which rendering social services like free Friday Medical Treatment, Orphanage accommodation, Maktab, Hefjakhana etc for the distressed and poor children.

He wrote and Translated many useful books for the whole Muslim nation Among which the following are worth Mentioning

1. Attoshuddir Path Nirdesh

2. Rooher Safer

3. Rooher Khorak

4. Banglar Muslim Cetonay Dhaka Bissshwa Biddalay

5. Al-Quaran-Er-Challenge

6. Shaikh Ahmed Sirhindi (Rh.) and his reforms

7. Ith Batun Nubuwa

8. Mabda wa MA’AD

9. Mukashi Fati Aynia

10. Ma’arifa Ladunna

11. Rasalatul Tahlilia

12. Biplobi Muzaddid (Rh.)

13. Sharan Kalaer Maranjayee

14. Din-I-Ilahi and Mujaddid Alf-I-Thani (Rh.)

Translated and Edited Kitabs

1. Tafsir-I-Mazhari

2. Ibna Maza Sharifi

3. Nasa-I-Sharif

4. Tafsir-I-Tabari Sharif (30th Para)

5. Abu Daud Sharif (1-5 Part)

6. Shiratunnabi (SM.) – Ibna Hisham

Though his writings he invites the Muslim Umma the simplest right path of Islam strictly followed by Holy Quran and Sunna

Pir-E-Kamel Hazrat Maulana Dr. A.F.M Abu Bakar Siddique (MZA) practices the discipline of “Khas Mujaddadia Tarika” established by Hajrat Shaik Ahmed Sirhindi (Rh.)

Hajrat Shaik Ahmed Sirhindi (Rh.) initiated this “Mujaddadia Tariqa” which is the gist of all previous Tariquas who strove hard with whole hearted devotion to reform and to bring about a silent revolution in the total life of the Muslims. For his great achievement he still remembered as “Mujaddid Alfe-Thani (Rh.) the Renovator of the second millennium, though out the Muslim world. After him his reformative efforts continued till to day through his real success almost all over the muslim countries.

Hazrat Maulana Dr. A.F.M Abu Bakar Siddique (MZA) one of the successful successor and Commander in Chief of Mujaddadia Tariqa at present though his teaching and preaching the Kitabullah and Sunnah of the Profhet (SM.)

Our Murshed Kebla (MZA) took this mystic discipline under the guidance of his Murshed Kebla late Hazrat Hakim Abdul Hakim (Rh.). Who was an eminent mystic of Khas Mujaddadia order.

Though Khas Mujaddadia discipline by sincere devotion, Iklas, Mohabbat the disciples can quickly go though all the stages of the Mystic Journey.

Hazrat Maulana Dr. A.F.M Abu Bakar Siddique (MZA) a great spiritual personality, guide the saleak/saleaka to the right path of inward perfection. His proper guidance, suggestion and encouragement invaluable though reaching the path of omnipotent Allah. It is due to his speritual attention, kind sympathy and direct assistance enable the disciples to walk path of Tariqa.

In this Tariqa the followers are strictly guided to follow the path of the Holy Prophet (SM.) to have success in in this world and the world hereafter.

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May Allah show us the right path of Islam.

Professor Syed Ahmed

General Secretary

Mujaddadia Complex

Dhaka, Bangladesh